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Foreign Language Courses Taken in Junior High


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I have a friend whose son took Spanish I in 7th grade, Spanish II in 8th grade, and Spanish III in 9th grade.  He recognizes that he will probably have to take it again in college but doesn't want to take anymore classes now (he's going into 11th grade).  Years ago when I worked in college admissions, we would have accepted Spanish I and II even though those courses were taken in junior high and would have given him credit for 3 years of a foreign language.  If anyone has found themselves in this same situation, could you tell me if your child's college viewed it in the same way or did the college require two-three years of language during grades 9-12? Thanks!



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Our district also awards credit for foreign language taken in middle school (7th and 8th grade).  These grades are factored into the high school gpa.  My oldest began his 3 years of foreign language in 8th grade.  The colleges he applied to had no issues accepting those credits.  

The only college I have encountered that requires three years of foreign during the high school years and won't accept foreign language credits awarded in middle school is Swarthmore. (I would guess that there are more colleges with this same policy out there, but I haven't come across them personally.)

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many colleges use placement tests for foreign language - this student would be rusty if they did not review

at some point while actually in high school they may want to take the CLEP test for a particular foreign language - easiest way I know how to get credit - I would check with the colleges on how old a foreign language CLEP exam could be




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