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science labs at home: storage

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We are unpacking our science supplies this year, and my house is starting to look like something from Breaking Bad, iykwim. It's an entirely different dimension of dealing with stuff now that we are dealing with burners and dozens of chemicals. While I would love to have a separate lockable cabinet in my school room for science supplies, there's simply no room.  How do you guys store all of your supplies? 

I think we have a good grip on all of the Biology stuff.  Physics was easy because components were small or easy to put in the garage.  Chemistry? I don't want to put my corrosives next to my flammables, at minimum.  I'm thinking plastic shoeboxes? Something to provide leakage protection? 

I feel like this is an area where everyone says that they outsourced the matter....hopefully someone can help!

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We didn’t do Biology and my kids are a year apart so we didn’t need to lock up.  My kids’ chemistry kits and physics kits were checked for short shipment and then packed into plastic see through stackable shoebox size containers. I kept the chemicals for chemistry in the box they came in.

For Physics, I separated by mechanics or electricity and magnetism so that it is easy to find.

For Chemistry, I separated by breakables vs non-breakables so that the containers containing breakables are at floor level. 

These shoebox containers are stacked against a wall of my dining room and doesn’t use up that much floor area (about three short stacks of shoebox containers).


DS13 used this lab kit for AP Chem so it wasn’t hard to store. http://www.qualitysciencelabs.com/adv-chemistry/

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I'm back from Target with plastic lidded 16 qt boxes.  I cleared off some space from the top of one of the bookcases in my schoolroom and I can stack stuff there.  My biology supplies are all up there already from previous studies.  

Thanks for the tip, Arcadia, about separating mechanics from electricity & magnetism.  I had everything lumped together and it totally makes more sense as I'm re-sorting through stuff to make the division there.  I also need to get all of my earth science stuff sorted again and I can sort out stuff and re-divide.

Ok, I'm off to check off the 6 page packing list from this order and then I need to figure out which biology slide got broken 2 years ago.  I'm realizing I may need it for this year....and if not I need to put it on next year's order list.  I totally agree that this is crazy-making work!  I LOVE the labs but hate cross-checking charts and lists when I've got other people underfoot.

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