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"Educational Testing" ACT/SAT scam? I fell for it.

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Has this happened to anyone else?  I got a call that my daughter signed up for ACT test prep materials - we could preview for 30 days and return if we didn't like if for a full refund ($216.32).  Materials received were not quality materials, customer service now seems shady, checked BBB and found they have an F rating and it's difficult to get refunded, etc.  I'm kicking myself for falling for it.  Website seemed so legit.  I've already called my credit card company and changed card number (apparently they charge your card in the future).  Plan to dispute it if I don't receive money back. So frustrated!  I did try to load disc on computer but it didn't work.  Now I'm wondering if I just downloaded spyware.  ARGHHH!!  Any advice?

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9 minutes ago, teachermom2834 said:

Ugh. Sorry!!!

I have gotten those calls too. I never but because there is no way I could believe my ds would have EVER signed up for test prep materials.

I hope you get it worked out and congratulations on having a child that would, possibly, sign up for test prep. 


Thank you for helping me look on the bright side!  Feeling really gullible right now.

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I feel for you. I think it was very wise of you to call your credit card.  Sebastian’s suggestions are wonderful.

I would also contact my local police. I would even call the credit bureaus (Equifax, etc)  

Hope and believe all will work out. Hang in there. 

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