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Who’s going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  Sadly, a large portion of my list is left over from yesterday.  DS13 starts 2 classes tomorrow, and I get back into 6 day/week exercise after having done absolutely nothing since June May.  

-clean master bath
-clean master bedroom
-clean living and dining room
-laundry DONE:  2
-tweak resume and apply for a legal recruiting job (at my old firm where I was an attorney)
-order lunch for DS17 for month of August
-take DS13 to buy a graphing calculator (still waiting for DS17 to physically prove to me that he has at least one)
-make sure DS13 has done his intro reading for FLVS biology
-prep proof of adequate homeschool progress to mail to county tomorrow
-read (so far behind)
-dinner (no idea, something to do with chicken) - change of plans.  DH and I going out, kids on own
-watch Sharp Objects

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Good morning!

After the past few busy days, I'm looking forward to a quiet day at home. The kids just left to go out for breakfast and dh and I are going to do some outside work.

Dd and I went clothes shopping yesterday and I forgot that it was the annual sales tax holiday weekend, so the stores were absolutely mobbed with people. Luckily, at the first place we went, she tried on seven pairs of jeans and they all fit perfectly and looked good on her. It was like a jeans-shopping miracle! Usually, I have to try on 46 pairs before I find one that looks sort of halfway okay on me. 

Then we stopped and got a new cat at the Humane Society.❤️ They are absolutely swamped with cats and kittens right now and we decided we had room for one more. We got a five yr. old calico female who was abandoned by her owner. She is very sweet and shy and reserved, and is currently hiding in a cabinet in the mudroom. Dd named her October because of her black and orange coat.

  • plan my week
  • scrub out water tank and buckets
  • sweep out garage & clean hay steamer
  • paddock cleanup
  • get tickets for a couple upcoming events 
  • figure out a menu plan for the week
  • read
  • might go to the Demolition Derby later this afternoon depending on the weather (it's very hot and might thunderstorm)
  • dinner: veggie burgers & waffle fries
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Good afternoon! 

Today was church and lunch afterwards with our monthly class to join the church. Dh and I host a table some months. We met a wonderful woman today who  has had an amazing transformation through Christ. We are glad she is coming to be part of our church family.

The rest of the afternoon has been moving small pieces of furniture. This week we get new flooring in our living room, eat-in kitchen, and hallways. We're doing luxury vinyl plank, so I hope we like it. 

Our co-op begins Friday, and I'm a little overwhelmed with my new classes. Government is this semester and Physics is all year. I'll teach Econ next semester. I'm really more of a facilitator because we meet every other week, but I am supplying all the quizzes and tests for both classes.

Hope you all have a good week! (In case I don't get on here much.)

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