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17 hours ago, FawnsFunnyFarm said:

We are part of Griffin Academy. It includes tons of resources plus many other options you can add. It was more affordable than KOLA.


They have a fb group for prospective members https://m.facebook.com/groups/1182184321835910


Their site is griffinacademy.org

I still don’t understand griffin academy well.  It’s an online site that allows access to some programs, but not all the programs are listed so it’s like digital grab bag?  Some things listed I know are free or I don’t like/use.  Why is it so popular?

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So I don't know what programs we are allowed to say that we have and what ones we cant. Some of the things we have access to, we are not allowed to discuss with non charter members. I guess so people are joining the charter just to get this item or that crazy cheap... but isn't that why all of us are "there"?  

Anyway, here is a walk through video that is available on the nonmember group page, if you look you can see most of what is included.  Somethings are added on for extra money.  She did just change the pricing for the main membership, I don't understand all of that yet.

Video link: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1182184321835910?view=permalink&id=1726851624035841


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I think they are dropping acellus because of the price hike, but brought on other programs that are similar. We don't use any of the "main curriculum" resources so I don't pay much attention to what happens with them.

We use some of the video resources and it was our reason for buying a membership. Getting the one site listed in this thread made it worth the price, everything else was a bonus. We then bought teacher accounts for another huge video and resource site at a fraction of the price of even buying at hsbc.

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