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What book is this? (Young Naturalist Related)

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The other day I stumbled upon a book that was REALLY interesting, but now I forget the name and author.    Can you help?

The book was written by a famous naturalist, and it recalls his life as a boy.  The book is meant to be a book of advice/wisdom to young, aspiring nature lovers.

 In the part I read,  he was a teen during WWII, and because most of the men were at war, the local boy scout headquarters (or something along that line) was forced to ask other teens/youth to help teach/lead the boy scouts.  He was one of the teens that were recruited.  His task was to lead the nature walks or hikes.  (Again, the details are fuzzy in my mind.)  Does this ring a bell with anyone?   I know it is a long shot, but I really want to find that book again.   


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It's The Amateur Naturalist, by Gerald Durrell.  I think it's only available used now, but it's one of the best books of it's type I've seen.  If you liked it, he also has a biography of his boyhood years called My family and Other Animals.  He has quite a few about his adulthood as well, but they are less interesting to kids.

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