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DD’s team is in the top 20!


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I hope it’s OK to ask here...

DD’s cheer team/gym (Memphis Cheer) has been picked as one of the top 20 finalists to be featured on Varsity TV! To get to this point, the kids had to write about why their program was special and should be chosen, so I’m especially proud of all the kids I’ve been helping with writing for the last year ? (I tutor and supervise the homework room, along with a couple of other moms who are teachers by profession). Voting is open until April 10. You can vote once a day. 


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I think it depends on what you have enabled-I’ve heard a few people say they were asked for e-mail addresses, but others haven’t been. I think they’re using a 3rd party service, so maybe those who aren’t are cookied from a past poll or something? 


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Not as far as I know. Unless they weight by gym size, there is a real advantage to larger programs, and some of the finalists are huge (and one was featured, previously, in a TV show on CMT) so I’m kind of hoping they do some sort of behind the scenes weighting. 

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