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Question - salad bar - edamame and quinoa?


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I hosting a build-your-own-salad soon for several friends. I have questions about two potential items that I could use some advice on. 

I'd like to add edamame (shelled) but I can only find frozen right now. Should I cook them and then cool them or just thaw the frozen beans and put those in a container?

Also - quinoa - I plan to cook it and cool it first, but should I add some seasonings? The rest of the bar is just the raw ingredients like you would find on a regular salad bar (except for grilled chicken, hard boiled egg, and bacon)> 



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7 minutes ago, Patty Joanna said:

I'm an edamame addict; I get it from Trader Joe's.  I found the frozen stuff a couple of weeks ago and ate them cold. HATED it.  Threw it all out.  Maybe I did something wrong.  The TJ edamame often doesn't make it home from the grocery store--I eat it in the car.

Quinoa in a salad...hmm.  It is really bland without *something*.  A friend puts a little lemon juice or vinegar, olive oil and salt and some chopped up cukes in hers.  That's good.  


I get the frozen edamame, from Trader Joe's! lol I defrost and add to salad--mmmmmmyummy. 

I don't really enjoy the texture of quinoa, but I agree with Patty Joanna that it would be good with lemon juice, olive oil and at least some salt. 

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