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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!

Happy August!

  • school
  • office work (a few odds and ends)
  • give dogs Heartgard
  • clean out fridge
  • hair appt. for dd and me at 12:45
  • post office
  • bank
  • Walmart (remember to get shoelaces!)
  • dd violin lesson
  • dinner: tacos
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Good morning! Safe travels, Jean! We found out yesterday that the part needed to fix car #1 is on back order. The dealer will be getting us a rental car. dh is planning to look at a few cars this afternoon to replace car#2. I will say that that the car deprivation has been good for dd2-she is home, resting, playing games, getting her work done. A much-needed detox from her team friends. "Silver-lining Jen" is my new nickname.

  • coffee/paper
  • write/Jen things
  • daily chores
  • keep ds2 sorting and organizing
  • take dd1 to pt
  • dh to look at cars-might go with him
  • figure out dinner (pasta salad? or check freezer)
  • hang out at home (ds1 might come over)

Have a great day!

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Ha - I forgot it was Wednesday.  Apparently I liked Tuesday so much that I wanted to do it again.

My housemate asked if I was planning to take out the garbage.  Whoops.  Well I did take it out, not sure if I was too late ....  I didn't take out anything from the basement because (a) late timing and (b) no treelawn with the construction project still going on.  I put the garbage bins in front of my neighbor's house ... hope they don't mind.


  • Finish some work deadlines in the wee hours.
  • Slept Idunno 4 hours?
  • Kids up & off to camp with packed lunches.
  • Took out the garbage.
  • Cleaned the kitchen.
  • Put away some laundry.
  • Coffee.
  • Paid driver.  (She is doing all the driving today.)
  • Some calendar work.
  • Got caught up on emails, social media etc.
  • Made this post.

To do:

  • "Work" work - I am behind on a number of some "soft" deadlines.
  • The Terminix guy is coming?  Not sure if he needs to come in or not.
  • Call sister re procuring horse bridle somehow during the week.
  • Call Sylvan re make-ups.
  • Some logistics re my kid's gymnastic shoes for tonight, which I think are buried in the trunk of my car, which is halfway down the street ....
  • A little reading, exercise, housework, might do a load of laundry.
  • Figure out what is needed for kids' school papers - usual due date is August 1 but they have changed the system ....
  • Might need to do a Fed Ex run, not sure.
  • Kids return home about 9ish.
  • Vision therapy.
  • Read-aloud(s).
  • Whatever I'm forgetting.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work or sleep.


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Morning, all!  Safe travel, Jean!

To do:


Cancel doctor appts/reschedule

pay bills

work on master bedroom and small area of garage (set timer for both)

Work on possible lunch/snack ideas for next week (school back in session)

Capsule wardrobe ideas for next week, organize on hangers

Trip to Ulta for eyebrows, stock up on face products

straighten up downstairs

lesson plan/read/Netflix

chicken enchiladas for dinner, shake for me

Have a great day!


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