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Math that focuses on one process at a time??

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My 9 year old son has dyslexia. We have been doing a math program that requires reading the directions and jumping from one math concept to another throughout each day’s lesson. ( example: add triple digits, count money, work with fractions, skip count etc.) I believe it would help him progress and master math if we focused on one type of problem at a time. Is there a math program that meets this need? Thank you!

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Singapore stays on topic for the most part--at least the US Edition of Primary Mathematics does. The workbooks sometimes have directions to put answers into a puzzle, but it's used as a check so that the student can see they missed something if their answer doesn't fit. But the TB is really pretty much just work staying on topic. They might have a few +, a few -, and then some word problems or something like that, but they are straightforward working of math problems.  They also have samples online last I knew if you go to their website. 

Math Mammoth offers topical units--not sure if within each exercise they stick to one or two tasks.

I hear you on the directions and changing tasks--my son did A Beka for K-2 in a school setting. He had way more trouble deciphering the directions and "games" than he did just doing the math, lol! 

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I don't have a suggestion for a program but yes its much better not to mix problems when working. Also add some story problems. With one student I tutored I had some tiles with a plus,minus, divide, times on them and I would have them read the problem and think about whether it was making something bigger or smaller and have them slide the tile of what they thought they were going to do before starting to work on the problem. 

This preplanning helped a lot and encouraged focus. Then as the story problems increased we worked on what we might do first (slide the tile) then what we might do next( slide the tile) 

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