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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!

Got my mammogram done yesterday and about 8pm, my wonderful doctor/friend called to say she had just received the report and everything looked fine. They almost always want me to come back for further testing, so I was pretty thrilled to get a good report!

Today looks to be a beautiful day with sunny skies and a high of 80.

  • school
  • office work (a few bills, organizing, order office supplies)
  • post office
  • vet appt. at 2:00 for staple removal - yay!
  • definitely need to vacuum. Floors need mopping, too, but that might not happen today.
  • laundry - a few loads of sheets and towels
  • dinner: General Tso's tofu
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  • Slept relatively normal.
  • Kids up & off to camp, with lunches and clothes for evening activities.  (Driver will do most of the driving today.)
  • Made coffee, cleaned kitchen.
  • Got caught up on social media, news, work emails ....
  • Made this post.

To do:

  • Work:  Today is another deadline, though not a government one.  I actually have at least 15 reports due today.  Ugh but at least I will be motivated.
  • School paperwork and stuff ... due date is August 1 and some might need to be mailed.
  • A little reading, yoga, exercise, housework, finish the weekend laundry / maybe do another load.
  • Start culling stuff from my kids' closets / drawers?
  • Contact Sylvan about rescheduling several hours of tutoring.
  • Fed ex run.
  • Pay bills / pay for horse stuff.
  • Pick up kids from horse riding / gymnastics.
  • Vision therapy.
  • Read-aloud(s).  I should really start the more educational stuff I keep promising to do ....
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work?
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Good morning! We are starting a stretch of hot weather again, but the mornings are still wonderfully cool. I have some paperwork/admin work to get done this morning, and a grocery store run to do as well.

  • coffee/paper
  • daily chores
  • write/jen things
  • paperwork
  • grocery store
  • the boys are planning to switch rooms, start the work on this
  • ds2 to judo

Have a great day!

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Morning, all!  Hot, hot, hot here today, again...yuck.  As I get older, I tolerate the heat less.  

To do:

call regarding some of dd's classes for fall

organize books for reading plan for fall semester

continue chipping away at a corner of the garage

take donation bags to Goodwill

vacuum, dust downstairs


bbq, chips for dinner, salad for me

Have a great day!


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Drop kids at their am activities.

Work at church.

To do:

Pick up kids.

Practice for swim test for AHG. Dd needs to do this too.

CSA box

Pool party tonight. 

Dinner is salad at the pool. Pizza for kids. Dh can figure out his own. 

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Work: I'm drafting about 37 motions in my white collar case today. 11 down, 16 to go.

Home front: I checked in with and reminded DD about picking up a volunteer application at the library this week, found out which day she plans on going, and asked her how her day is going, and asked her to find her life-hack pencil grip so we can go get the insulated tubing to make more of them. Then I dropped in to the Echo to see how DS's day was going and remind him to do his summer activity sheets this week.

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DH home today.

We have DD5 cousin who is also 5.

Went to open gym. A place for kids to run around and play with gymnastic stuff.

Lunch at DQ

LOL a place for kids. It has art center, dance area, dress up area, books, trampoline that covers a section of floor, etc. We bumped into their other cousin.

All three girls then went to the pool.

Ice cream then only one cousin home with us for a little while so they can play.

Take cousin home.

Get DD ready for a bath an early bedtime. She will drop soon after cousin leaves. Very active day today, just the way i like it.


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Jean, the way you phrased "squeezed into the chiropractor" made me giggle 

I filled 7 bags, 2 boxes for Goodwill while listening to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.   Ds is dropping them off, picking up lunch for us.  I showered, put on comfy clothes, contemplating my next move.  Strike two on school option for dd; the center by us closed down.  She wants to attend 1-2 days a week for a few hours, but I'm struggling to find something.  Our local school insists that she attend 5 days, no exceptions.  She's just not there yet.

I need to take pics of the curriculum I found lurking in some boxes, list on Craigslist. I'll give it a week, then donate to library.  Just want a clean workspace.  


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