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Only algebra 2 (10th), then pre-calc w/trig (11th)?

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I'll be teaching Algebra 2 at our co-op this coming school year.  Because of the students in the class, we will only be able to cover Algebra 2 during the school year using Brown/Dolciani book.  My question is...can my dd who only takes the algebra 2 as a 10th grader take pre-calc as 11th grader as long as it has trigonometry in it? (Currently thinking of continuing with the Brown.) I'm asking because in high school I took geometry, Algebra 2/trig, pre-calc, then calculus. My dd is also not interested (at this time) in pursuing science &/or math in college.  She says she wants to major as elementary ed. in college.  Someone said she could take trigonometry as a semester class, but then what would she do for the rest of the 1 1/2 years she would have left in high school.  I really want her to take 4 years of math because she is capable and she might change her mind.


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I'm noticing lot of the math books say, Algebra 2 with trigonometry as well as Pre-calculus with trigonometry.   So is trigonometry taken with algebra 2 or pre-calculus?

The only thing I remember about my math in highschool was that trigonometry was taken with algebra 2 in the same year. 

11 minutes ago, regentrude said:

I am not sure I understand your question. Precalculus contains trigonometry, usually a semester's worth, and is taken after algebra 2.

So it sounds like if my dd takes algebra 2 in 10th grade, she can take pre-calculus which includes trigonometry in 11th and take calculus in 12th.

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