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Testing - Where did you get it? DFW area

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I'd like to get a kid's IQ/Achievement test for DD who just turned 8.  I've gone back and forth on getting one.  It started about a year ago when I was considering paying for the lifetime Mensa membership rather than yearly for myself.   Then I noticed that the price difference between DD and I was around $70, which is insane.  So, then I thought I'd get her tested, buy her a lifetime Mensa membership and DH and I would be her guests for the next 10-or-so years  ?   But, the only place that I could find that would do that was that guy that Dr. Phil brings on when there is a really really messed up kid.   The minimum testing they would do was $1000+, which is also insane.   So I dropped the idea.  

Then I started to look into the Duke Talent Search for next year.  I see that they have a homeschool parent nomination form at Duke, which I really appreciate.   But, I don't want to put DD in over her head.   I really have a hard time judging DD accurately.   So, I'd like to get her a test.   But, where?   I called Mensa and they only knew of the Dr.Phil guest.   I called Duke TIP and talked to a lovely lady, but they don't recommend since they don't investigate.  

The local school doesn't test their own kids, so that is out.  I assume that there are testing centers someplace.   But, my Google search failed me.  Where did you get testing for your kids?   -

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We haven't done it yet, but our local university has a psychology clinic that offers testing for giftedness. It's significantly less expensive than other options, because the testing is administered by grad students (who are under the supervision of someone licensed). Maybe something like that is available where you are as well?

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@shawthorne44 Did you ever find out anything? DFW is about a day's drive for us but it is the only major metro area anywhere near us so we've considered looking around there when and if we decide to persue testing. Also just curious, which university are you talking about that is attractive for gifted kids in DFW? I searched a little bit and didn't come up with anything...

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I was thinking of UTD.  Maybe not gifted, but very STEM.   Although before I contacted them, I read on TestingMom.com that UNT has a Gifted Education program that does testing.  The link on TestingMom didn't work.  But, I went directly to that department's website, and I contacted the professor that they'd had listed.  I haven't heard back yet.  

The Texas Homeschool Coalition was zero help.   They said to contact a homeschool support group.   I didn't respond to say that such a group was where I got the idea to contact them.  They obviously don't know.  

Sweet2ndChance, I am like you and willing to drive.   Although I assume that somewhere in DFW is someplace.  

I've also had difficulty googling.  If I WAS a testing center and wanted to order some tests, I'd have no problem.   

eta:  Just heard from the UNT professor, they aren't doing that Yet.   But she gave me a name of someone that might.  

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So, I got more info from the woman that will do testing.   The WISC is $550.   I was willing to go $200-ish, but that is out of my price range.  I guess she doesn't need the test that badly.   I guess I should count my blessings that DD doesn't have any problems that require the tests.  

Mensa does IQ tests really cheap for admission, and gives people their scores.   They were sued by some group of psychologists because Mensa was taking their lucrative side-business away.   I really see why now.  Mensa won, so they can provide the scores.  


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