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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!

  • school
  • laundry - wash blankets
  • tidy up house, do a lot of vacuuming (why are my dogs still shedding so much? it's late july, for pete's sake)
  • farrier is coming over at 1:00
  • run to town for a bunch of errands (bank, post office, gas, stop at vet's to pick up refill & schedule appt. for staple removal)
  • grocery store??
  • pick up takeout or something easy for dinner
  • watch a movie tonight
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Good morning! Ds2 is at work (last day), dh and ds3 are playing tennis and the girls are sleeping. It is a beautiful cool morning, even though it is going to be hot later. I don't have much going on today-not sure about the rest of the crew.

  • coffee/paper
  • clean kitchen/daily chores
  • finish weekly chore list
  • jen things
  • get a plan for decluttering/going through boxes
  • figure out dinner
  • enjoy hanging out with whatever kiddos are around tonight.

Have a great day!

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Howdy!  Happy Friday!

I slept about 8 hours for the first time in ???

Got the kid off to camp on time (driver picked up at 7:30).  Other kid is already there.  Overnight camp must have been interesting given the massive storms that hit yesterday evening ....

Today is a work [government] deadline and I almost forgot about it.  Hopefully I get the stuff done.  Argh!  I got a decent start, but I'm having a hard time priortizing.

Today the maids are coming in about an hour.  I cleaned up the kitchen and got all my laundry done, but besides that, there isn't much I can do due to the urgent client work.

I do need to take a little time out to grab a shower before they get here.  (Why is it always so hard to squeeze in a shower?  It only takes 5 minutes....)

My kids are having friends over tomorrow.  For one of them, it will be his first time here.  First impressions, ugh.  Hopefully they are not too observant /judgmental as our house needs some work, and we definitely don't have time to get the entire place spotless (kids' rooms especially).  My kids are due home around 5:30 tonight, then we'll be eating out and they still have to finish their TKD theses which are due tomorrow.  (That reminds me, I need to fill out their black belt test applications.)  Tomorrow morning, we need to clean out the pet cages etc. as the friends are looking forward to meeting our critters.

I also need to check in with another mom about logistics, as she's taking the kids from my house for the evening.

Whatever else - I hope I'm not forgetting anything that can't wait until Sunday.

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Got my morning horse chores and did some extra tidying up since the farrier is coming over. Love this cool weather we're having.

Laundry is in progress. Haven't gotten to the kitchen yet and it is a disaster.

Dh's birthday is this weekend and I want to make him a cake made out of fruit - like no actual cake, just fresh fruit. I've seen some on Facebook, etc. that are really pretty, so I need to figure that out.

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dishwasher rebooted

worked on camp prep

got interrupted by the door bell - JWs wanting to talk about God.  I'm always happy to talk about God so I invited them in my extremely dirty house, pushed camp supplies off of chairs so that they could actually sit down and talked to them for awhile.

worked more on camp prep

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Farrier appt. is done and everyone's feet look pretty. Even my most squirrelly horse who hates all farriers behaved himself. I distracted him with handfuls of grain and he forgot all about what was happening with his feet.

Had the brilliant idea to have my kids go into town and run my errands, so I sent them off with a long list and am now enjoying a quiet afternoon.?

The dishwasher needs loading, the laundry needs switching, and I need to get grain and hay ready. 

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Well ... not sure what I think of this day now that it's past 6pm.

I don't feel like I got enough done, though I seem to have a lot of email evidence and open files for someone who didn't do much .... 

The work deadline is extended, so I can finish leisurely over the weekend.  Of course I have about 100 other things to do leisurely over the weekend as well.  And, the reason I quit on it today is because the government website is acting crazy.  Which it will still be doing over the weekend, but I just don't care right now.

The maids finished early and still wanted their full pay.  Wimp that I am, I didn't argue, but I had not had time to go get cash, so they had to stand there and wait while I dug in all my pockets and hiding places.  They still ended up with $2 of their pay in change.  ?

Note to self:  go get some cash, you will need it tomorrow.

Kids are home, but I am not going to chase them to do work right now.  I'm tired and so are they.  I will have to force it tomorrow morning though.

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