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lunchbox smallish thermos and ice pack


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Dd will be on campus all day twice a week this coming semester.  She wants a nice thermos that she could carry warm things like soup or macaroni and cheese in the winter; and cold things such as fruit salad or yogurt in the warmer months.  She does not want a large thin thermos like the one she has for water and hot tea, but a shorter, stouter one.  Suggestions?

Also, she needs an ice pack to keep things cool in the warmer months.  I've been hesitant to buy a gel type pack because I've had those pop before.  Suggestion?

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We use those hard gel packs. The hard ones last. Keeps DD fruit and yogurt perfect.  Look in the back to school section for the smaller thermos. They hold quite a bit and work well. I fill it with hot water for a few minutes and dump it out before I add the food, so the food stays hot. DD takes mac n cheese almost daily to camp and says it stay nice and hot. 

If she needs a lunch box- I highly recommend the rtic brand one.  DH loves it as it keeps everything cold and DD steals it when she can.

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Thermo brand makes a shorter one that is perfect for lunches.  

I use the gel packs for all sorts of things but find them cumbersome for lunches.  I fill a 12 ounce disposable water bottle with drinking water and freeze it to use as an ice pack.  By lunchtime it is melted enough to be a ice water for drinking.  We just refill and freeze over and over.  Sometimes I even put in tea or juice for a lunchtime drink.

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For a thermos-like container, I like Klean Kanteen Insulated bottles. They come in a few sizes:https://www.kleankanteen.com/collections/insulated-bottles/products/insulated-water-bottle-32oz?variant=1210849591321

I don't like the tumbler as much because it is not leak proof. I have taken chicken stock and hot tea in the insulated bottle and it was piping hot hours later.

Food Canisters: https://www.kleankanteen.com/collections/food-canisters

However, I like these too: https://bentgo.com/pages/shop

or: https://www.planetbox.com/products/planetbox-shuttle-lunchbox?variant=20637656193

And then there is Yeti: https://www.yeti.com/

This is where you will find a shorter, stouter, insulated container.

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