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FYI: Beast Academy Online is now open!

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I am actually contemplating purchasing a one month's subscription for my DD for her birthday. My DD, who is 15 and who last year took Int. Alg. and Int. Number Theory and who will be starting Pre-Calc. shortly. But she loves AoPS and math so much, I really think she might find it fun.?

I also think that I might be a bit nuts.

Thanks for the heads up, Kathy.

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I am excited about this for DD.   Although, she isn't ready for it yet (just finishing 2B).    They have a super-duper package that is one year of online and one year's worth of books that saves you $50 buying that way.  I've been using the BA3 books to get free shipping at Rainbow Resource, so we already have 6 of the 8.   My plan is to get that super-duper plan when she is finishing up grade 3, and get the grade 4 books.   Then I'll have her review all of grade 3 online before starting on grade 4.  I think a little review is in order since sometimes I worry that she isn't learning as much when we gives her hints on how to solve the problems.  Maybe by then they'll have grade 2 online also.  

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On 7/28/2018 at 6:19 AM, AmandaVT said:

They sent me a coupon code that got us 12 months for $42!  I signed DS up this morning and he promptly spent 2 hours on the site, doing lessons. ?

Last time I looked it said it was pretty enrolment to start mid August.  Going to look again.

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