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I haven't been on WTM in a very, very long time as I needed to step back from watching how other people homeschool (and trying to keep up).  But I'm stepping back in for a bit to ask if anyone here has ever gone to a St Emmelia homeschool conference?  And, if anyone is considering going to the upcoming St Emmelia West conference in November?  

Airfare being what it is, I'll be going by myself as a momma retreat.  But stepping out and doing something I've never done before (!!), alone (!!), and far away from home (!!) is pretty big.  Having a friendly name, even if its just a tag-name, would be nice.

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Nice to see you again!  

I have never attended because when I was homeschooling, they were only on the East Coast, and it was just way too much trouble/expense/time, given the other responsibilities in our family at the time.  :0)  

That said, I DID go to a homeschooling conference with Andrew Kern back in 2007 and it was THE BEST thing that ever happened to my homeschooling.  I think he was baptized that year, and I *know* I was.  :0)  So I would go to this one for that reason alone.  In addition, Fr. Peter Heers (brother of my goddaughter) is speaking, and THAT would be worth it.  He is now working with an Orthodox school in Arizona, so he has hands-on experience with the realities of schooling, and he is a most faithful priest (not to say anything about anyone else in particular) and I imagine it would be encouraging to one's faith to hear him.  

I know a couple of the other speakers through friends and I know THEY would say, "GO! to hear them!"  

I don't think you would regret attending and even if you don't know anyone in particular, you will within a few hours.  :0)

Kind regards,
Patty Joanna


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