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What did you use (and like!) for 6th grade science?

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My kids have used a number of things and I've liked them all. Oldest did God's Design Physical set. Next did various God's Design books (some chemistry, some weather; whatever he wanted). Next did Apologia Zoology 3 and What's That Bird from Memoria Press. As long as it keeps their interest and is fairly independent, then it gets a pass from me. Pursuing their interests is the most important factor to me in choosing upper elementary science.

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we used the Readers Digest How Things series - as recommended in TWTM 2nd edition. We used this for grades 5-8. They loved it so much and learned so much. the only problem was that they felt in all the science books that we used in higher grades that they had already done all the experiments and science wasn't as much fun

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So, our middle child was going to join my youngest for 6th grade...didn't happen because of various reasons, but we did do a trial month and I did plan out a lot of the science for that year.

On our trial month we were doing Physics.   So, for our main spine we did Byte size physics which I LOVED.   Really fun experiments, liked the writing style of the text, ect. (We did not use the videos though cause the sample one didn't seem that engaging).   We only got through a little that first month but my son really liked it.


  We supplemented with anything remotely physics related from the Free Experimenting with the Vikings Unit study (since we were doing Vikings that month for history).   They had some things on weapons and ships that worked really well for this:


We also planned to use the Elements by Ellen McHenry, but since we didn't actually get to it I can't comment on how it went.




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