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My youngest can read and my life has changed

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My 6yr old ds is now a “reader” and I think this is the milestone that has changed my life the most- more than when he was potty trained or learned to buckle his own seatbelt. I love that I can put all the kids in bed and tell them they can read as long as they want and I am off duty for the night. When we went to see the fireworks, everyone brought a book for the wait. I didn’t have to entertain anyone and I got to read my own book. I didn’t realize how life changing this would be for me. I think this is the first milestone he has hit that hasn’t been bittersweet-usually I am kind of sad that he is growing up. 


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?  Yay for you and your six-year-old.  

I had a similar experience a few months back when it really clicked for me how independently and happily my youngest is reading. 

Two of my other kids took quite a long time so I expected that I may have to do so with my youngest and it's certainly a change that everyone in the house can read.  He's still doing some phonics review with Ultimate Phonics and such to check for gaps but really, he has plenty of books now he can just pick up and enjoy and does freely and happily. 

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7 minutes ago, RootAnn said:

Not only can your youngest read, but it sounds like he's a *reader*. That is so huge!

Congrats, momma!

My heart warms when I see my kids sprawled on the couch with books in their hands. :wub:

You have a smilie! I haven't seen one of those since the bordapocalypse! That just made me happier than I thought it would... :wub:

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I am GREEN with jealousy. 

None of my 5 older kids were/are readers. I taught them to read but they do not read for pleasure and they would only read the 12 books on their booklist each year and not a book over it - yes they have dyslexia and it is hard work for them , but I have dyslexia too ( mild and am a regular bookworm)

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