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Language Arts for 7th grade


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I am planning 7th grade LA. So far I have:


Lightning Lit 7

CW Homer B

MegaWords cont from this year.


Dd reads very, very well. She is ahead of grade level in reading and comprehension. But, she is a terrible speller. Those of you who "know" me here, can probably figure out where she gets that from!:rolleyes:

IS the above enough for LA? Is the grammar in CW Homer B adequate. She is very solid in diagramming and parsing. I would like to review some of the "odder" punctuation rules (semi-colons, colons, the things you dont see as often). What, if anything should I add?

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Then it looks complete to me. You have literature studies, writing & grammar, and spelling/voc. I'm following a similar format with Omnibus I, CW Homer B w/ R&S Grammar 7, and R&S Spelling 7. I'll be interested to see other replies to your question. I'm still open to suggests and adjustments too.


I have also decided to include CW Beg Poetry B with Homer B next year as outlined at the CW website: http://home.att.net/~mikejaqua/whichbookstobuy.html


We have had fun with Beg Poetry A this year (after the 1st half of Homer A). It was challenging, but we've all learned a lot. I'm definitely going to include Beg Poetry B next year. We're almost done with Beg Poetry A, and we'll get back to Homer A soon.

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