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AP Course question

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The process is pretty straightforward.  There is a section on the College Board website that will outline the process for you.  Basically, you submit your syllabus for approval.  In my experience, none of my syllabi were ever approved initially. I always received feedback that required me to make minor revisions and then to resubmit.   

Once your syllabus is approved, you can use the AP designation in your course title and have access to the teacher material.  

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This is the Course Audit process.

You will need to create a College Board teacher account. Home school should be an option for your school (I think it is something like State Name Home School,  example Virginia Home School)

You then select which course you are prepping.

Then you upload a syllabus.  Your syllabus should be written with the course requirements in mind.  It needs to be annotated to show the scoring criteria. There are sample syllabuses and a document for each course that shows examples for each course requirement.  

One suggestion is to go simple with your format.  I've found that using comment boxes or tables for marking the scoring options introduces a formatting issue that I then have to fight.  I've shifted to just marking (SC1) etc in bold after each item.  I don't think I've ever been asked for more detail.  Approval has varied from a few weeks to a few hours.

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2 hours ago, Rebecca said:

Thank you so much!!

Do you know the cost by chance?

I thought I read it was straight forward/ simple...but I wanted to double check.



Doing the Course Audit is free.  

If you are taking a course from someone else you are paying for their course, which is a separate issue.

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