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Who’s going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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City Meet!

Ds swims 5 events. He has a good chance for a heat winner ribbon or two. He always has his best times at CM. Cold pool. He loves the noise, the energy, all the people. 

 I am "volunteering" at Clerk of Course for his pool, so I should be able to see him swim. 

Loong day in almost 100 degree heat and high humidity. 

Not sure what dinner will be, but I am definitely not cooking! 

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Good morning!

Our county got hit pretty hard by tornadoes and strong storms last night. There was lots of damage to buildings and trees and many people are without power. Thankfully, our little corner missed the worst of it. We haven't checked our lane yet for downed trees, but there was no damage to our house or outbuildings and our power stayed on all night.

We have a fun outing planned for today - lunch at Tony Roma's and then the aquarium and riverboat museum. Other than my usual morning and evening chores, I've got nothing on my list today!:smile:

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Taking a quick break at Panera to putz on my computer....

Kid 1 to horse show - supposed to be there at 8:00, arrived at 8:40, not all that organized after that either ....

Right after Kid 1's first event, had to leave to drive Kid 2 to math tutor.

Will drive back to horse show in about 15 minutes.

No idea how long it will run ... just hoping to avoid a sunburn.

Maybe some time to do random stuff in the afternoon.

Pack hand-me-downs for nieces.

Family get-together at sister's house.

That's probably all we'll get done today.

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Morning, all! 

Scout, good luck to ds at swim meet!  Selkie, hope no damage from the storm!

Still not feeling 100%, but trying not to stay on couch all day.

To do:

coffee, breakfast?

plan some sort of super budget, mini vacation because dh is off this week

return books to library, straighten bookshelf


Costco thread has me wanting to go shop, probably pick up some steak to bbq

Netflix, read, nap

Have a great day!

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human care done "good enough" for Saturday.

pet care done

medical care done

bank done

At Starbucks working on writing my last camp lesson.  This won't be the end of camp prep though.  There is still figuring out crafts and activities and getting all supplies and organizing it all by lesson . . .   But that will all be another day. 

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Home from the meet. Ds got two heat winners and swam well in all his races. 

All swim stuff is put away and I am resting.


Next up:


Food prep


Figure out where we are going for dinner. Somewhere that I can get a good salad and that is not too expensive. And not mexican. Nope! Too tired!  I stayed home to relax by myself instead of going out to eat. Happy to have a light supper and some peace and quiet after a busy day. About to go make some tea and listen to a podcast.I may be asleep before dh and kids get home! 

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