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My two dyslexics (7&8) have done AbeCeDarian A, and are now halfway through B.  Abecedarian is working really great for them, but we are needing some more fluency practice than their program offers.  What books/resources would you suggest for building fluency? 

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I think you have a lot of options.  

It depends on what you are working on. 

There is accuracy, and there is also sounding good (phrasing, paying attention to punctuation, sounding like a question is a question, etc).

For accuracy there are recommendations to do repeated reading of passages.  

For sounding good, there are various things.

I looked at websites:  http://www.readingrockets.org/reading-topics/fluency


I did not do anything timed, and I used high-interest stuff we came across with library books. But the modeling I think is good, the easier passages I think is good, the practice with oral reading I think is good.

Then for “sounding good” I used some ideas from a library book about fluency.  I think a similar book would have similar ideas.  


Some things that we did....

Drawing vertical lines with punctuation, one for commas and two for periods.  Another option is to draw scoops under a phrase.  There was a recommendation to practice with markings and then practice the same passage without the markings.  

I usually did not ask him to read things he had not heard before.  He did much better with trying with things he had heard before, so he didn’t have to worry as much about comprehension.  

A lot of the first books he read were books where he had already seen a movie or tv show.  

Series can be easier because they follow the same set-up and have the same characters, so it makes it easier to follow along.  

He read pre-school books also, that were low pressure but still very good practice.  And often funny, good pictures, etc, even with simple text.  

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Have you done the printable fluency drills from the Abecedarian website?  Those worked well for my dyslexic when we were doing ABCD.  You could also email the author and ask for suggestions...he was always helpful when I emailed him with questions.

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I have some nonsense words fluency drills and a fluency tracker on my syllables page, links #6 and 7 in the teacher's folder:

https://www.thephonicspage.org/On Reading/syllablesspellsu.html

Don Potter has some Blend Phonics fluency drills for purchase, and he may have some free online somewhere on his blend phonics page.


Don also made some fluency drills to go with my online phonics lessons:



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