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Has anyone found a good alternative for How Nature Works, one of the WTM 5th gr.

Melora in NC

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Our first time through Logic Age we followed WTM recommendations for science. It was time-consuming for me, planning things out, pulling the different books together, and it felt disjointed to me. My science-loving kid though loved it but I knew it wouldn't work really well for my next son. He doesn't love science and isn't as strong or avid a reader as his brother. Last year I didn't have time to search for a new science program for him and figured that somehow-someway I would make it work. It didn't. So I searched for something different for this year; enter Power Basics science textbooks.


You can read a write-up about Power Basics at Rainbow Resource and this year we are using Earth-Space-Science text. They also have a biology text which a friend is using. She and her 6th grade DS are enjoying it.


The text is not colorful, plain B&W, but the information is easy for my DS to read, and outline.

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