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Singapore 6a/6b Standards

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For those of you who have used this program, how did you extend it to be a full year?   (Or did you?)   Looking at the textbook + workbook alone, there appear to be about 19 weeks of work in the book.   

Also, what did you buy?  Since there is no HIG, did you buy the teacher's guide or the answer key?  

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I agree that it doesn’t take a whole year. I look at this year as a chance to solidify all elementary math  topics. (And 6B feels heavily review) So partly depends on what the kid needs to work on. Mostly I add ALL the reviews in the textbook, which I don’t do in other years. If the student is strong I would add in the challenging word problem book for challenging review. If the students is having trouble remembering how to do things between using it,  I put them in bju foundations along side of Singapore because it offers a lot more practice. I might also pick up a key to... book if there was a particular topic that they struggles with.   

I think it is the Key to algebra book 1 that covers negative numbers, which isn’t covered in Singapore, I don’t think, at least not with much repetition. So I might be tempted to do that book too, I forgot what exactly it covers but it was pretty basic.

Probablity and exponents are other topics you could touch on that Singapore doesn’t very much. 

(I don’t use the standards edition so my answer might not be totally accurate, I use the US edition)

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My experience is with US edition, but assuming they are close enough to answer your question....

I have never used the HIG. We just do the textbook lesson together and then student does the WB on his own. 6A and 6B is mostly review, but at a slightly more challenging level. Because of that, I used grade 6 to transition away from doing math alongside ds. He read through the lesson in the textbook himself, and because he was already familiar with what it was about, he was usually able to do all the problems on his own and then check his answers in the answer key. Because it was mostly review, he found it easy and went through at double pace. We also skipped some of the practice/review sections. He finished both A and B in December/January. This worked out perfectly because he moved straight into Dimensions 7A, which turned out to be quite a challenge. He didn't finish 7B until the end of 7th grade, so it worked out well that we had that extra semester. 

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