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Kicking myself -- may have messed up our new phone bill....


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We switched cell phone providers this month. The new one (Sprint) was running 2 specials -- buy 1, get 1 on phones, and 4 lines for $25/month each. DH went and spent a long amount of time with a guy there discussing it, making sure you could get both promotions at once, making sure you could do the buy 1, get 1 twice (for total of 4 phones), etc. Had print outs of all of it, which we then managed to lose. 

Called the guy back when we were ready to come sign up, he said no problem, he remembered, we verified verbally the 2 different deals (still being advertised in the store), went over it several times. The guy repeatedly assured us, yes. $100 total for the lines, plus fees/taxes, and yes, buy 1, get 1, twice. Then, due to some weird something or other, I ended up being the one to need to sign for it. 

Of course, everything is digital. And we had requested digital billing, so no paper print outs of what I signed that day. I do remember it was listed as $60 and $40, not $25, $25, $25, $25, but as it still added up to $100 I didn't think anything of it. Possibly it was $65 and $45, I don't recall. The listing with the amount for the phones had it listed, then deducted; listed, deducted, etc. But of course, we'd been there a couple of *hours* at this point, and scrolling down an ipad screen to sign......it's very possible I missed something. :sigh:

So...now the first bill comes in, and it's over by $20 on the monthly amount ($65, $45, $5, $5 = $120, vs $25 x 4 = $100), and it's only crediting one of the buy 1, get one, so charging us for 3 of the phones instead of just two. :sigh: 

I hope I didn't screw up, signing whatever I signed in the store that day, and we can still fix it. We very carefully researched all of this, found the best deal, etc.....but only if we actually *get* the deal we thought we were getting. 

Going through email now to see if we were at least emailed copies of the junk I signed, and see if it's right or wrong......

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 I WOULD OPT OUT OF SPRINT IMMEDIATELY.  Why? The first is the issue you described about what you thought you signed up for and what you are getting.

The other and possibly more important reason is that I believe SPRINT uses CDMA technology.  CDMA has ONE big advantage and that is if you are in an area where the signal is extremely weak ("in the mud") on CDMA you can communicate. GSM the technology used in most of the world requires a strong signal.

Other than that, all of the advantages go to the GSM technology and with an "Unlocked" and preferably "Unbranded" GSM phone, you can change carriers by changing the SIM card.

With a CDMA phone any changes in the phone need to be programmed into the phone by people in the office of that carrier. A    PITA..

Did you look at USMOBILE? https://www.usmobile.com/

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Follow-on: We have been on a Virtual Operator (an "MVNO") since February 2016.  My wife went to the super store and bought a new Motorola phone that day and she signed up with VirginMobile Colombia. Here, it is a GSM technology company that runs on the network of Movistar Colombia, the 2nd largest provider here. At that time, I had never heard of VirginMobile Colombia...   The next week, we went to the superstore and I bought a Motorola phone and a SIM card for VirginMobile Colombia and they  "ported" my phone number from the previous carrier.  We have a Prepaid plan that is not really a plan. You can change when you want if you need something else.  I can call the USA (and I think Canada and PR and maybe Spain) with the minutes I have.   DD is also on VirginMobile Colombia.

Now, from what I understand, VirginMobile in the USA runs on the SPRINT network. I read that a year or so ago.  If you have CDMA phones and for some (strange?) reason want to continue using CDMA, you might look at SPRINT USA.  Apparently VirginMobile is a Trademark that is leased to companies in a number of countries, including Colombia and the USA, and there is probably no connection between them.

After switching from "Postpago" where they sent us a bill every month to "Prepago" we have probably saved thousands of dollars in the past 10 years.  I would probably be in shock if I knew exactly how much money that change has saved our family.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!


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Thanks, Lanny. I'll look into the differences you mentioned. I am rarely traveling internationally these days  (and dh is still with AT&T, his work phone, which is I think unlocked, at least, he has no problem in S America with it), but I know they do have an option where I can still call to/from when I do travel. But I'll look into the network issue you mentioned, just in case. We do have until Saturday to change our minds. 

DH and I did get it sorted out, more or less....you sign up for Auto Pay, which discounts it $5/line, which makes it equal to what we thought. Mind-boggling and a matter of just trickily worded advertising. But not actually crooked (we knew Auto Pay was part of the deal, going into it). Just confusing. I mean, why not advertise it for the way it's going to be listed on the bill? It adds up the same.....at least it wasn't my fault for not reading correctly ? 

They did correct the buy 1, get 1 issue; that was a simple oversight. 

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