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Worksheets/ low processing speed

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I'm wondering if there is technology to help ds with low processing speed to complete worksheets (ones with questions that require answers several sentences long).   Is there an app that can scan worksheets so he can type his answers to turn in instead of writing them by hand?  

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Yes. What tech do you have available? We are going to do this through Google classroom and the app Notability on an iPad air. Through some discussions with other parents, I think you can also do it on a desktop through Google classroom with the Kami extension plugged in to Google Chrome.

Kami video

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The software to do this, is called OCR Optical Character Recognition.

The first thing, is what format you want use?  Such as PDF or Word, etc.  

Though you could check the discs that came with your printer and scanner, as they might have an OCR program on them?


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Thank you!  I'm not sure if we should buy him a laptop or ipad to help with high school next year.  I guess maybe the ipad since it has apps?  I'll look into Kami and OCR now.  Are either of you in support groups for kids with slow processing?  I'd love to do more research and talk with other parents who have kids with this learning challenge! 

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15 minutes ago, domestic_engineer said:

disclaimer:  I haven't done this process myself...

I think an iPad Air would work, but it might be a 2 step process

(Step 1). Use Scannable app from Evernote to take a picture of the worksheet and then save it as a PDF.

(Step 2).  Open that PDF in the Notability app for markup.


This is similar to how we will fill in worksheets and how I taught my students to complete this process at my school this year (we are one-to-one devices with iPads). The PDF is hosted in a learning management system, Google Classroom for me as a homeschooler, my kids port the PDF to Notability and then mark it up or type in text boxes. They then resubmit the completed PDF worksheet to me in Google Classroom for grading.

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Is this for public school?

If so you need to talk to them and see what works for them.  

My son is diagnosed with dysgraphia.

For worksheets — he can type anything if he wants to do it at home and print it out.  He doesn’t want to.  It’s easier for him to not bother. 

Other than tests and worksheets everything is on Chromeboxes anyway.  

The thing is whatever system you use, either you print it, or it has to go along with what the teachers use so that they can receive the file.  

Okay, that’s my understanding.  I am not technologically savvy.

The thing about worksheets is that usually they are going to have a sentence here, a sentence there, so it’s usually not a huge writing demand for my son.  

If you are thinking of this issue for worksheets I think you need to think about the possibility he may need accommodations for tests.  Not state testing or college testing — just regular classroom tests.  They may have more writing and a time limit.  

State testing is not an issue for this son as it is on computer anyway.  He is too young to worry about college testing (ACT/SAT).  

But as far as in-class writing where he can’t use a Chromebook anyway, for my son that is classroom tests, particularly math I think.  

It will also depend on what your son wants to do and his willingness.  

But anyway you can adjust as he gets started and you see what he needs!

But also if you have something that works, that is great!

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