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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

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Good morning!

Hooray for camp, Jean! 

Dd and I are volunteering this morning with a mobile storytime. Doing a library-like storytime at an apt complex where all the residents are immigrants, mostly refugees.

Tonight we'll grill burgers and veggies, then go to see fireworks. 

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Happy 4th of July!

DH off today and still sleeping. 

Teach DD5 about Independence day history. Calendar/weather, Bible and read alouds. No other school work unless she asks.

Play at the park this morning before it gets to hot.

What's a bummer is her pool is closed today while all the others are open. Hers is free and only for little kids.

Hoping for her to nap this afternoon so she could stay up and go to a fireworks show tonight. 

Daddy also has fireworks they bought together to set off. 

Maybe visit Great Grandma



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Good morning! Everyone is sleeping in today. Dd2 has practice at noon. The rest of us will hang out, pick up the house, and relax.

dmil will be coming over for burgers and watch Wimbledon matches. After the early dinner, the boys are going to see a movie and maybe fireworks. 

Have a fun day everyone!

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Good morning, and Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate it!

We are heading out soon to see Incredibles 2. We will grill some hot dogs and go watch fireworks tonight.

In between, I'll be working on laundry and co-op stuff. Now that I'm back, I've got a lot to get planned. 

Hope you all have a great day!

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Good morning! Happy 4th!????

  • stay as cool as possible - it's another scorcher today
  • give the horses cool showers throughout the day
  • order fly spray and 2 new pitchforks
  • help ds18 order some new clothes (This kid likes to wear the same t-shirts and jeans for years and years until they are falling apart. I told him that since he is starting college soon, he needs to get some clothes that don't make him look like a hobo.)
  • read and relax
  • dinner: ?? something cool and healthy - maybe a big salad
  • maybe go to the fireworks tonight (although I am secretly hoping that no one else wants to go so I can stay home and lie on the couch with a book)
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Yeah, I think today is about as tackled as it's going to get for me.

I started my day with the usual routine of walking a couple of miles with the dog, then fed and watered all three pets and cleaned the cats' little box, etc. 

My husband and I are both off work today, but our son asked yesterday if it would be okay to invited some friends over for board games this evening. So I spent a couple of hours doing some general straightening and cleaning, just in case he gets any nibbles on his last-minute offer. I've also started some laundry, and I think that's enough for a day "off."

Later, I might try one more time to buy some pants for work, after which we are considering seeing a movie before settling in at home for the evening.

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human care done  (and I really like my new shampoo and conditioner)

pet care done

medical care done - the correct pills.  (Last night I forgot my morning pills and then accidentally took my morning pills at bedtime.  What a mess!) 

rebooted dishwasher.

got a hold of the camp director which was a good thing because I was thinking that this year's theme was one thing and dh thought that this year's them was another thing and the director said that it was something else entirely!  So I'm hard at work on my outline for my lessons for the week (after I threw out yesterday's work which was based off of the theme I was thinking of and not the correct one). 

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