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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

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Good morning!

Lots to catch up on today!

  • school
  • office work (print emails, go through to-do pile)
  • post office
  • text farrier
  • order shoes
  • spray horses with Frontline
  • clean hay steamer/descale boilers
  • look up 3 closest vet cardiologists & make appt.
  • clean main floor
  • deal with my fridge full of produce
  • dinner: finally going to make those tacos that keep getting put off....
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Good morning! It is going to hot again today, so I have some watering to do in this early morning. No judo this week for the holiday, so the evenings are pretty open. ds2 is at work, and dh and ds3 are going to play tennis in about 10 minutes, dd2 has her three practices today and I think I am car-less, so no errands for me.

  • water/weed
  • clean kitchen
  • check bank/bills
  • write a letter to my aunt
  • daily chores
  • jen things
  • order fabric
  • plan road trip (solo! in MY car!)
  • figure out dinner
  • read and relax

Have a great day!


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Good morning!

Where are you going to go on your road trip, Jen? 



  • No swim team practice!
  • Orthodontist appt for both kids
  • Bank
  • Drop stuff at my mom's. Maybe Ds to spend the night? Tomorrow for the drop off, Friday for Ds. 
  • Target
  • Skit practice with Dd. 
  • Remind Dd to do science and scout things. 
  • Work on history prep.
  • booklist to a friend
  • Do umbrella school registration.
  • Make appts. 

dinner - pizza?

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I am going out to watch dd2 swim in Portland, and then I am going to take the old Oregon Trail (US 20/26) to Casper and then home. I will be camping most nights after the swim meet, so it will be fun and hopefully inexpensive. Dd2 and I did a section of Route 66 last year home from a meet in California and that was great. She still has more training to do this year, so I am going solo. She doesn't like camping anyway, so it would have been a shorter trip with her (hotels add up quickly!).

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Morning, all!  

It's was a rough day yesterday.  When I got home, I had apparently forgotten to pay the water bill on time.  It was shut off.  Just wow...that has never, ever happened.

To do:

coffee, wait for water service

straighten up downstairs

sleep, think about school options

Have a great day!


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2 hours ago, Jean in Newcastle said:

(Readinmom). I am so surprised that they didn’t send out a warning notice. 

I asked, but they said they had sent a final notice. We looked, didn't see it anywhere, account shows the bill paid up to date.  They said someone will be out by 5:30.  It's hot out, really want a shower after yesterday, but I'll have to be patient because there is no other choice.  

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Laundry is done for the day.

Paid a few bills.

Did a little cleaning, emptying of garbage, etc.

Tried to order shoes & found out the Asics I've been buying for years have been discontinued, so now I have to read reviews & figure out a new kind to try. Annoying!

Spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get this vet cardiology appt. set up with no luck so far. One place that was recommended to me no longer has a cardiologist, and the other place that looked somewhat promising hasn't called me back. I'm trying to avoid having to go to the UW Madison vet hospital, because that place is like the veterinary equivalent of the DMV.

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