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MLM madness


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Last week I was contacted by two different people that I have not seen or spoken with in years. (5 years for one and probably 10 years for the second person)

They sent FB messages. One asked me to take a survey about oils (DoTerra) and the other asked me about books for my kids (Usborne). 

Ugh! I get so tired of the selling and asking. 

So this video made me smile today. I always feel like a jerk turning down all the products and parties but I can’t afford them and I don’t need them. 


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I must have RBF or a sinister expression or something when it comes to MLMs.  Only once IRL has someone tried to steer the conversation towards whatever they were shilling (oils), but she caught herself and said, "Oh, wait, I know you don't use oils!  Nevermind..." and went back to real conversation.

I wonder if I could bottle whatever it is that makes direct sales people avoid marketing to me, then I could get others to sell it to their friends...

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