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Looking for Japanese book recomendations

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2 hours ago, Closeacademy said:

Are you looking for book recommendations like Tale of the Genji and 57 Ronin? You know classic tales or modern fiction?

You know, anything that’s at least a bit fun to read (because school stuff is being done elsewhere). 

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There is a lot of great Manga out there. I've mostly read Manga and I've got a few classics on my daughter's reading list. We won't be doing those until spring though because we're focusing on Romance of the Three Kingdoms this fall. 

Japanese stuff seems harder to find at least for me. I find a lot of great Korean and Chinese stuff out there.

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I've read Woman in the Dunes, but it was so long ago... I don't remember anything objectionable. It was really sad and bleak and weird though. But, hey, luckily that describes plenty of Japanese modern fiction!

Um, anything by Banana Yoshimoto would be fun. Kitchen is good - it's two novellas. Short and sweet and captures a certain element of Japanese life.

Obviously anything by Murakami. I have read some of his more recent stuff - I know now he's kind of a literary superstar - but I first discovered him ages ago and his early stuff is still my favorite. Like, A Wild Sheep Chase is still a favorite for me. Depends on what you want though. And some of his stuff would be objectionable possibly for a younger teen... I'd need to think about that...

Miyuki Miyabe has some YA type stuff as well as more literary stuff. I know Brave Story is one of her YA ones - it's long though. 

I know there are some good short story collections, especially of Japanese sci-fi and what you might call Japanese magical realism, but I don't know which ones to suggest.

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