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It’s frustrating when grown people we love


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2 minutes ago, Arctic Mama said:

You mean like the diabetic who won’t drop the sweets?

Yeah.  That is super frustrating!

Mmmm-hmmm. Like that.

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My husband and I have parents on either end of that spectrum.  One set follows the doctor's recommendations (diet and exercise) and the other set doesn't.  It's a stark contrast in quality of life now that both sets are in their mid 70s.  There's a diabetic in each category.  There have been weight issues with all of them and some follow directions to get the weight back down and others don't.  The set that does follow recommendations are conscious of not wanting to be any more a burden to their spouse and kids that is absolutely necessary and are aware their kids would worry about them. In general they're more disciplined about things. The other set doesn't seem as mindful of the long term implications to others, much less themselves and they don't tend to be people who play the long game.

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