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Different Publisher for algebra vs. geometry... what about precalc?

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If you use a different publisher for algebra and geometry (algebra 1 and 2 from one company and geometry from another), which one do you go with when it comes to precalculus? Does it make sense that we would like the precalc from the same company we did geometry with? I'm not American, so I'm not totally familiar with the high school math sequence, but it seems like precalc is maybe a continuation of geometry (with the trig and such) in the same way that algebra 2 is a continuation of algebra 1. Is this true at all? Or doesn't it matter?

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I don't think it matters as long as the student 1) has covered the material foundational for precalc or 2) takes time to learn missed info when it crops up.

My kids moved from AOPS at home to a college precalc class with something from Pearson. I think they hadn't encountered logarithm yet so they had to do some research to figure that out when it came up in class.

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2 hours ago, EKS said:

You use the publisher that would work best for your student.

That said, if you're concerned about things lining up, go with the one you used for Algebra II.

:i agree: So far, eldest has used a different publisher for each of Alg 1, Geo, Alg 2, and PreCalc. I believe her Calc text is the same publisher as her PreCalc text.
Child #2 will use a different publisher for Alg 1 & Geo. Likely, Alg 2 will be a completely different publisher than those first two. I have two pre-calc books & that would be a fourth publisher. Clearly, I'm not worried about the different scope & sequences. However, I have yet to see how it'll all pan out since my oldest is a rising senior. :ph34r: So, take my example with plenty of salt.

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