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Things to do in Birmingham, AL?


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For Saturday, I would start early and do Pepper Place Market. It has vegetables, flowers, and local art set up outdoors with a cool urban vibe.  Nearby is Sloss Furnaces where you can take a tour on Saturdays. If they are doing an iron pour event when you are there, don't miss it.

On one of your other days, the Civil Rights Museum and/or Birmingham Museum of Art. They are pretty close to each other. 

Birmingham has a ghost tour that is supposed to be good.

Vulcan is the huge statue you can see from most of the city. It has tours and you can go in the top for a nice view of town.

I think your kids are too old to enjoy McWane Center. It is an awesome science center, but a little more geared for younger kids. They do have an IMAX theater there.

What kind of things are you interested in?

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We live here so feel free to pm for specifics(especially where not to stay). Agree with others. Be sure to go to Oak Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Dd works there and it's one of the few raptor rehabs in the country. The zoo is worth a trip as is the Botanical gardens. The Art musuem has plenty for kids to do as well as great exhibits for the adults.The Civil Rights Museum and park are great.


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