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4th of July picnic menu help


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It looks like it'll be just me and ds8 for the 4th this year.  I plan on taking him downtown to the festivities and packing a picnic lunch to eat while we enjoy the bands and entertainment.  But I'm out of good ideas this year.  Limitations I'm working with:
-no sandwiches
-no peanuts
-no dyes
-nothing marketed to kids
-nothing with bacon

But still be somewhat special foods.  We're having strawberry shortcake there, and I bought some juice-sodas, but for a main lunch I'm out of ideas.  Help!

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Hot dogs are classified as a sandwich in his mind (meat between bread). Potato salad is out (I forgot to say no condiments) I could probably entice him to eat a cold twice baked potato, though.... Thanks!

He's a bit picky when it comes to food. ?  Understatement of the century, I know.  I'm a little leery about buying food there because I'm afraid the offerings won't fit with his mostly self imposed restrictions.  The dye one is mine, because it's a 50/50 crap shoot that it'll stay down, so snow cones are out unless they're like the super awesome place we drive to once a year to get dye free ones.
I'm not the greatest cook in the world, but if I have a plan I can usually make it, or something like it, happen. ?

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4 minutes ago, happysmileylady said:

Cold fried chicken?

what about some sort of cold kabob?  You could cut cukes and peppers and cherry toms and whip up a bunch of kabobs with the chunks.  Maybe try to get some of the sticks with the metallic tassel things on the ends, you could call them firework kabobs.  


That's an idea, too!  We have kabob sticks!

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1 minute ago, Ktgrok said:


What does he normally like to eat?

Whatever dad makes. *sigh*  He's adventurous with flavor, but not outside of what he thinks food should be.  Today he made/ate: herbed goat cheese on crackers with honey and fig pieces, beef stir fry, and plenty of fruit.  He likes Korean, Indian, Mexican, Thai, Italian, and Chinese, all except egg roll/dumpling type dishes.  Maybe I'll find a good Thai recipe.  Hmm...
He can get into a rut sometimes, and I'm not usually any help.  But I do know it's hard to feel like you're at a party and everyone enjoying Fried Whatever on A Stick food truck meals and feeling like there's nothing to eat.  And since it's just the two of us I want to surprise him a little with something that looks and tastes good.

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