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Grammar for 5th grade


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My daughter has completed First Language Lessons 1 - 4.  I am trying to determine what is the next step.  We are part of Classical Conversations Foundations.  I am not sold on Essentials.  I am considering just doing the new Intermediate grammar program.  I am also looking at the Fix It grammar program.  Would love to hear what experiences you have with any of the above programs.  I am required to test in my state and test scores have not been a problem.  I do think my daughter struggles to use the concepts learned when she free writes.  

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I am using Grammar for the WTM with my 6th grader this year. We are finding it to be very challenging. My daughter does well with grammar but she’s finding the program challenging and tedious. We haven’t finished the book this year and will have to continue to slowly work on it  

I know it won’t work for my son who will be 5th grade next year. I’m going to try Giggly Grammar with him since LA is not his strength and I don’t want him to be frustrated. 

We found the new Grammar for the WTM to be a big jump in difficulty from FLL. So I know my son would struggle too much  

I know many people use Analytical Grammar or Hake Grammar. 

I was wishing Master Books had the higher levels of their new language lessons program out. 

Basically I’m struggling with grammar options as well. 

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43 minutes ago, mom2g2b said:

Thanks for sharing what a jump it is. I may try the first 6 weeks that is free and see how it goes.  

Sure. The first few lessons were great review but it ramped up quickly. There are so many things in there that I don’t even remember from school. And the diagramming is difficult! Wow. I feel like it moves quickly and covers so many topics. It makes me feel dumb. Lol! I used to think I was ok with grammar. Apparently I don’t know much! 

I’d like to find something a little more incremental. Or something...

I haven’t found quite what I’m looking for. 

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We used IEW's Fix it! grammar for a short amount of time before going in to CC Essentials.  It was too much writing since we were also using the IEW Student Writing Intensive A.  I wouldn't say he necessarily enjoyed it, but he also didn't complain much.  I totally support your decision to stay away from the Essentials program.  We are leaving after one year of incredible stress and expense.  I am currently on the fence about moving to Easy Grammar (or) Rod & Staff.  I've used both and I like both, however Easy Grammar has no diagramming sentences and R&S does.  I used to think that it was a waste of time to diagram sentences but after reading "The War Against Grammar" I am not so sure.  By diagramming sentences, our kids learn what the point of the sentence is all about.  I think that by underlining and circling words in other programs, the kids get the gist of the sentence but not the true understanding.  It's a visual thing I guess.   

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