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Combining mathusee with another curriculum

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I have a son who is flying through mathusee and I am trying to stretch out the eplison and zeta books for the next calendar year. He loves math and wants to add something else to the mathusee books. 

We have looked at life of Fred but I was hesitant with the price.

Kahn academy doesn't seem to work well for us - online or apps don't seem to get done at our house. (I'm sure it is mainly my fault)

He completed all the levels on xtra math. 

Any ideas of what we could add in? Is Kahn academy worth it? I find it a little hard to navigate too and maybe that's only because we don't use it on a regular basis....?!?  What about MLFLE? 

My goal is for my kids to be doing 45 mins of math per day and he is at about 30 or less with the mathusee pages. He does 2 per day. All my kids love mathusee and we don't want to switch at this point. 

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MEP - the puzzles are fantastic for supplementing.
Brilliant - I haven't used it yet but it's on my radar.
This Is Not A Math Book - math through art
Perfectly Perilous Math - a fun set of challenges that are multistep.
Patty Paper Geometry - an introduction to later math.

You could always look for something like Beast Academy, too, but the price is comparable to Fred.  FWIW, I buy our Fred books one at a time, usually used.  Each book can stand alone, and each series can stand by itself, too.  If he's doing Epsilon and Zeta, you may want to jump right in with the Fractions, Decimals, or Pre-algebra 0 book.

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We always use 2 curriculums per kid for the same reason. My MUS kiddo did alpha along with Singapore 1A and 1B. He did Beta along with Saxon 2 and finished Beta so fast he started Gamma. So now as a kid who just finished 1st grade, he is half way through Gamma and before he starts Saxon 3 he is working through BJU 2. 

My point being, any math can be combined with MUS ? it is so consistent and wonderfully predictable that we have found it pairs with tons of things. 

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