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Help me think this through GWTM with ADHD

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I'm planning for this coming year and I have a few questions, particularly about GWTM.

We are going to try BYL level 5 this year with my 6th grader. This includes RSO for science. I am also using it with my 3rd grader with a lot of modifications (SOTW and more appropriate readers). My only concern is that there doesn't seem to be a lot regarding mechanics for grammar, which my 6th grader really loves. 

I'm considering using GWTM, but trying the first book over 2 years instead of 1. Has anyone tried this? I think that 4 days a week would be a lot with all the other work (RSO has 2 labs/week). 

DS10 has ADHD so I don't want to overwhelm him with work, but he actually ASKS for grammar so I want to include some. Thoughts on this program at a slower pace? Or alternatives for a kid who is eager but might be easily overwhelmed? Thanks!

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Just my experience, but I have three with ADHD and WTM approach does NOT work with their brains.  It is too parts-to-whole, too wordy, too stark/sterile in layout, and too "just do this now and you will understand later where it fits in."  Also, it is memorization-recall heavy.  Now, I actually haven't seen GWTM so take my input with a grain of salt.  I know that WWE and WWS and FLL and the general suggested approaches (poll-parrot stage, writing lots of outlines and summaries for logic stage, etc) has been a waste for the ADHD kids.  Things that worked: MCT grammar, studying Latin, and Barbarian Diagrammarian.  For a 10 year old I would jump right into MCT Grammar Town and Practice Town.  Best wishes!

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My dd, ADHD with no SLDs, was never better off with a slower is better approach. Less is more, faster is more. So find a harder, more thoughtful, or more engaging program, and do it with brief sessions with significant engagement. 

You'd rather have him FULLY ENGAGED for three exercises than half-engaged or disengaged and fading out for a whole page. The issue is not the difficulty but whether his brain is engaging, attending, and finding it interesting. All the suggestions you've got here fit with that. We used Shurley and did latin, but ANY of the things people are listing here are working probably because they fit those parameters. I haven't looked at GWTM, but like the others I've found SWB's stuff at best a crunchy fit with my dd, always needing significant modification. And when you're saying you'd slow it down, well that would have flopped here. If it's a college text, I could see it.

Even Abeka is ok, believe it or not. Just chop the number down so you're like grammar ninjas, going in, chop chop, and getting outta there.

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