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SanDiegoMom in VA

Freshman year ending!

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Today my daughter is checking herself out of her dorm room after packing her belongings up and dropping them off to be stored. She has wheeled the five ton micro-fridge combo back to the dorm office herself (separate building of course), has (with help) moved the heavy bunk beds back to the position they started in, and will be uber-ing her way to the airport to fly home where we will receive her, having done nothing at all! Except maybe pay for her storage and worry about all of the check out deadlines and whether she will oversleep the morning she leaves...

I'm so proud of her! I remember my parents always being there to help me move in and move out. She has risen to the occasion with only a few minor struggles along the way. (wait, what? You stopped collecting the boxes an hour ago and you don't open til tomorrow at 10? Do ya mind if I just sneak my three boxes into your truck? No? Thanks! Lol) 

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