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How Long for Meet the Masters


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The way it is broken up is a scripted power point you read, then a couple practice activities before doing the final project. 

We ended up either splitting each between 2 days or doing it all in one sitting. It depended. So for example, with Van Gogh you do a Starry Night style piece so day one we did the power point and the practice activities to learn technique. The next day we read a short biography (I add those in) and then do the project. When done like this each session is about 45 min.

For Cassatt and Monet we ended up doing it all in one sitting. So for each of those artists we just blocked out a couple of hours. Typically though I split between 2 days. 

If you do 1 per week you will power through quickly. We do MTM one week out of the month and Home Art Studio 2 times out of the month just to pace it better. 

I LOVE MTM. It is my favorite art series.

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We will be using Meet the Masters for the first time this year.  I read somewhere to do one lesson per month, so we're planning to do 2 tracks per year.  I have a lot of art books with artist bios, etc. so I figure I can flesh out the lessons a bit to extend them if desired.  It covers everything I wanted: art techniques and artist bios/art history.  I wish there were actual online videos that included the script audio, along with project demonstration/instruction, but I can deal with doing that myself if it's only once a month.  

We are also doing Home Art Studio along with it. My daughter enjoyed the sample lessons, but I felt they were more like artsy craft projects than actually teaching techniques and only made passing references to artists.  But, it's very affordable, independent, and she enjoys artsy craft projects. 

So I'll pop in the DVD, give her the supplies and let her at it for the Home Art Studio, and once a month I'll do the in depth lesson with Meet the Masters.  Both are currently on sale at Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

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