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Driversed.com on sale through HSBC

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Dd used it earlier this year.  She really liked it and we had no problems at all.  I definitely recommend it.  


ETA:  we only used the online portion.  Behind the wheel was with us and the required 8 hours with a driving school here.  

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Trinqueta used the online lessons to qualify for her TX driver's permit and just finished the 14 hours of observation/driving that TX requires to take the license test. They did a good job. They checked the legal boxes required. They didn't really teach her to drive well, that comes with hours and hours of practice behind the wheel. But, no driving school can do that. Only a parent with nerves of steel can be copilot to a newbie driver while they get a feel for driving.

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My son used this and I would not use it again for my dd. My son completed many of the practice tests, but most of the questions on the test were not the kind of questions on the driver's test. The practice exams had many legal questions including sentence times for violations, but the actual exam was more practical driving questions which he was able to answer because he completed the practice exams on the DMV website, too. Since my son did complete the course, he is able to qualify for an unrestricted license after he completes the six hours behind the wheel with a driving school instructor. I agree that only practice behind the wheel will help your child become a better driver. The online course very good at emphasizing the danger of driving.

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