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Fort Bragg CA Vacation


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I'm planning a trip in August for my birthday with one adult son and my 14 yr old. 

Any tips?

What is the best affordable place to stay? I was thinking The Best Western. And where to eat?

Skunk Train

Botanical Garden

Seems like there is lots to see.



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Have you checked on the Skunk Train lately?  It seems to me that I heard that it wasn't running.  Maybe that has changed.

I love Mendocino, nearby to the south.  I recommend eating at the Mendocino Hotel, and walking around the shops and galleries in town.

Also, there is a pretty unique state forest nearby, Van Damme State Park.  It has podzol, which means that the trees in the forest are naturally very stunted.  So you can see these very old trees that are only about knee high.  It's a rare sight, and worth a visit.


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Great restaurants down at Noyo Harbor: Silver's at the Wharf is one of them. Drive north through Fort Bragg, then take a right onto Noyo Harbor Dr. 

There is also Cowlick's Ice Cream on Main Street.

You can also take a kayaking tour on Noyo River or sea kayaking if this is something of interest.

Glass Beach is a neat place where a lot of the depression glass has accumulated on the beach. 

Here is a link to some historical sites: http://www.fortbragghistory.org/

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse: https://www.fortbragg.com/attractions/point-cabrillo-lighthouse/

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