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Has anyone used one of these for a math or other class?  I'd love some information on what worked, what didn't, recommendations, etc.  We specifically need it for Algebra 2 with TPS.  They have their recommended brand, but say we can go with whatever.  I have major techie geeks in my house so making something work will not be an issue.

Thank you so much for your input!

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DD has a Wacom Bamboo tablet we bought for her years ago for her Math courses from TTUISD.  I believe she found how to do her Math assignments with MS WORD and that she now uses it primarily for Art.

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Arcadia, thank you for the link.  That was helpful.

Lanny, thanks for the info.

For what it’s worth, I contacted the teacher, and she said they use it daily.  Guess I’m spending $$$ on two tablets since I have two kids in the same class and section.  ? 

Thank you for your help!!

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I use mine daily-- but I teach Math online and can't even think about how I would do my job without one!

I have the Wacom Intuos CTL-480 (formerly one of the Wacom Bambo line)  I like the smaller ones.  I've had bad luck with the wireless adapter (add on) so I just use usb.

I like the softer felt nibs more than the hard plastic ones they come with-- plus the tablet will last longer if you use the felt ones.

DO NOT use the driver that comes in the box-- always go to the brand site and download the most current driver there.

The Wacom tablets have a settings menu that takes a bit of fiddling with-- but once it is adjusted it is very simple to pick up the pen and write.  I suggest practicing by using your computer's paint program. 

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