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Help with Vocabulary From Classical Roots

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I just tell them to read through the words and the lesson, and to look up any unfamiliar challenge words. Then they do the exercises and I check them. So I don't really "teach" it, I "assign" it ... which might or might not be helpful for you ? They do one lesson every week.

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On 6/4/2018 at 8:42 AM, Mommy2BeautifulGirls said:

Thanks, guys! I think I'll try the method Momto5inIN suggested, since she suggested it in both places. ?


I just wanted to chime in that I basically do the same thing that Momto5inIN does, except that I also have my kid make flashcards of all the vocab words, with example sentences, and all the roots. My goal is that he'll be familiar enough with the roots to be able to deconstruct any unfamiliar word he comes across, so in a sense I care more about the roots than the words!

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