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The Good & the Beautiful High School LA

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If you can manage to get a search to work (go through google), you'll find mixed reviews.

I downloaded both the second and third grade LA years so I could look at them together and see how the program worked over a longer period.  I wasn't impressed.  It wasn't just the identical, abysmally wrong initial geography lesson in both packets, but the program as a whole was everything I didn't want.  I didn't consider "moralistic", trite stories to be good and beautiful over and above real, beautiful literature.  I didn't like the unevenness of the lessons.  I didn't like the attack on popular children's books.  And I realized we wouldn't even use half the material because of asynchronous development between reading and writing skills.
HOWEVER, it did give me a lot of guidance into what I *did* want: a focus on classic stories with a rich vocabulary.  I wanted a rigorous, but gentle, approach to language arts: short lessons with constant review and high expectations.  I wanted art study, and poetry, and enough wiggle room to substitute or use only parts.  So....I guess looking at TGTB was a good thing because it helped me figure out what I needed instead and pushed me to go find that.

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26 minutes ago, seemesew said:

 What did you end up using? 

Op I haven't used the highschool level but if you like the elementary years. (You can view them for free on pdf) there's a good chance you'll like the highschool years.

We ended up with English Lessons Through Literature.  Still not absolutely perfect, but a lot more in line with how I wanted to teach.  To go along with it we did our own dictation program (Dictation Day By Day: a cold method instead of prepared), and eventually moved from the short stories in the book to the Elson Reader in our day, alternating narration exercises over the subjects.

We used that, and this upcoming year we're taking a year off and doing a similar style on our own before moving on to the next volume in another year. He just needed more time with a similar amount of writing before ramping up to longer work, especially since his other subjects are starting to have more writing, too.

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TG&TB have samples on their website for the new high school language level.  I can't speak to whether it's enough for your student, but it looks like a great fit for my rising 9th grader for next year.  I preordered and am looking forward to its arrival when it's released June 18th.  Best wishes! :)

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