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If moving is suposed to be a good thing....

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then why do I feel so "depressed" about it?


We are moving out of our first home that we've lived in for about a dozen years. This is the house that we bought together as a married couple; we picked it together, and moved in when my youngest was one. We've seen so many changes here, the yard is great, it has a pool, and I still mark the kids' heights on the kitchen wall, LOL! We've had the same neighbors all this time.


But, the bedrooms and bathrooms are really tiny, and we have just outgrown this house. We couldn't get financed for our first choice house with the current market, so we're moving into my mom's old house that's 2 miles away. We already own it as we bought it from her when she moved a year ago. So, the elderly tenants have moved and we are now touching up the paint and replacing carpet. It's in a much better neighborhood, and it's a little bit bigger. The bathrooms are a lot bigger, so is the kitchen. But the yard is a lot smaller and there is no pool (never mind that no one even swam in it last year, LOL). And there is no little lake in front of this house, but there is a wooded lot behind it with owls and such. The neighbors are nice here, too.


I'm just not feeling a sense of excitement over moving, and neither are the kids. I'm not even sure my husband is excited. It's a good move for us, but it feels like something we "should" do. It's everything we want to do and we've been wanting to move for years, but now that we're doing it, it just feels so blah. We're supposed to move this month and no one has even started packing.


I don't know...how am I supposed to feel? What can I do to make it more exciting for the family? When I look at the wall and think about painting over those little height marks, I tear up. Our tenants who are moving into this house offered to remove the plaster for me and repair it. He's so sweet, sniff!

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You know, I get this whole 'depressed about moving' thing. We had looked for 2 years to find a house in our town. We finally found what we were looking for. I became terribly depressed because the task of keeping the house "Martha perfect" for selling (with young children underfoot), the task of packing and unpacking, just seemed so overwhelming. I have no idea how people who move often do it. Dh was depressed about leaving behind memories - the Loony Tunes mural we painted in the kids' bedroom, the upside down wallpaper border that we argued about, yard where ds learned to hit a baseball. I really struggled in the new house, even though it had so many positives.

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When we moved away from my beautiful home, I did this: I took a long piece of white freezer paper and taped it on the wall, next to all the little 'height' marks I had made through the years of measuring my girl's growing. I transfered all the marks, names and dates onto the freezer paper and packed it with my important papers. That way I took that little memory with me :)


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I don't know who said it was supposed to be a good thing. . .they've obviously NEVER moved!


I hate it with a passion! I'm not even going to say anything else or I'll stress myself out and have a panic attack. . .and I'm not even moving.


LOL! It's supposed to be an upgrade, you know! This house will be easier to maintain because my critters will be easier to place. Everyone has their own little place. The master bedroom is such an improvement and the girls are on the waaay other side of the house! I lose my fantastic FL room, but I also won't have those 13 floor to ceiling windows to clean...YUK! Plus, this house gets so darn hot.


I think I'm going to find some flowers to plant in the mailbox flower box thingy. Is it too early for holiday poinsettias? Christmas stuff always makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I'm going to find a basket with cool fire logs starter 'stuff', too.

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I was sad when we moved out of of tiny, smelly, retro colored, one bedroom apartment three years ago. DH and I moved in after we got married and that's where dd spent the first 9 months of her life. We are getting ready to move out of our first house now and I know I'll be sad about that too. We really need and want to live in a different house but we still have all of the memories of the last three years.

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