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Banner ads in mobile are full-width and mess up the whole thing

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It's been that way for a while, and I figured it was temporary and would just go away, but it's been quite a while now...

Basically, in mobile view, the banner ads at the top don't get resized like everything else.  This makes the width of the 'page' about twice as wide as the screen.  Which means that if I want to hit any menu stuff at the top (log in, look to see what notices I got, etc.) the menu pops up off-screen to the right, and I have to scroll over to see it.

Also, this makes the default width of the window twice as wide as it should be, so even if the posts are still showing up as the right screen width (they are, so that's good), as I scroll down quickly to see them, if I don't have my finger perfectly vertical, it scrolls down and over and all the posts disappear to the left and I'm viewing blank screen.  Easily fixed, but it's hard to know where I am without constant readjusting.  And when I try to fix it, often for some reason the whole window resizes so now all the posts which were the right width are now too narrow and tiny to read, or huge.

And this all appears to be because the banner ads don't resize.  Could this be fixed?  I know it's minor in the grand scheme of things, but it's really annoying. 

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Hah! I just came to check on the thread I started here a few weeks ago about the same issue. I have such a terribly low opinion of my post writing abilities, and now am forced to admit that even my titles are uninteresting and perhaps invisible! Plus it is raining.

Anyway, I'm with you Matroyshka! Anything with a black background (notifications also) shows up very wide in my mobile device.

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