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*Besides* Lifeprint, what are the best resources you've found for ASL (sign lang.) online?

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I have been looking for something to follow lifeprint, but I haven't found a curriculum that will work for us.

Last summer I started learning ASL -- I already had a tiny bit that a friend had taught me -- so I worked through Bill Vicars youtube channel.  I watched all of ASL 1, 2, 3, and 4.  The medical terminology class was too difficult for me.  I enjoyed his other series on In and Out Burger.

Now I am watching Jim Bracelin's youtube channel.  It isn't a curriculum, but I am learning a lot from it.  He is hearing and teaches Sunday School lessons via youtube.  He signs and voices simultaneously.  Right now I am working through the People of the Old Testament series.  When I finish, I plan to watch it again without audio.  If my kids decide to go that far I may have to make up some quizzes/assignments so that I can assign a grade for their transcripts.  

Lance McWilliams also has a youtube channel.  He is deaf and is currently posting a series of Bible stories for children in ASL.  I have found that his channel is above my skill level (for now).  He signs very quickly and does not voice.


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We are looking for classes as well.  Here are a few potential options I have come across.


Live online





( This series may be to introductory but it is my understanding he will be posting a more advanced option in the next week or two) 




Recorded Classes







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