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AP Macro/Micro - TPS vs PAH

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Good morning,

I was looking at having my DS take the PAH AP Macro class in the fall and self-study for Micro in the Spring because I saw that the majority of people were not signing up for AP Micro through PAH. Today I stumbled on info that Mr. Burns, the PAH Micro teacher, is teaching a full year of AP Macro and Micro through TPS.  So, now I'm wondering is it the subject matter that causes people not to take AP Micro and instead self-study, is it the teacher?  Anyone have experience taking it with this teacher or through TPS?

I've found very few reviews for any courses at all through TPS so that is also perplexing to me.  Any reason why?  

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We LOVE AP Macro at PAH. Just finished this year. My ds's favorite course. He now wants to major in Economics. Thinking of trying to be a TA there next year. We also took the 1/2 year PAH Micro. This was a more get 'er done course. I can't say my ds felt he 'knew' the teacher at all, or had any real interaction with him. He thinks he did really well on both exams, felt well prepared, but did feel that he probably could have self-studied AP Micro esp with the acdcecon.com videos/review packet. This is what I'd always read - AP Macro at PAH is an amazing course, not to be missed. AP Micro was a get 'er done course, but a little more 'meh.' Just my 2c.

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Loved the AP Macro class through PAH. It was the teacher and how he set everything up in the class that made the difference.

My son also took PAH AP Micro with Dan Burns - it was a get it done class. I assume the material would be the same in any class, but the teacher just presented the material without doing anything to make the class more interesting. No problems, just more bland.

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