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Deep science and math thoughts for little kids

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What books or resources would you suggest for a little kid who constantly says/asks things like:

If infinity times infinity is infinity, what is infinity minus a number?

Can zero ever be a negative number? 

Since an even number plus an even number is an even number and an even number plus an odd number is an odd number, then zero must be an even number.

If the universe is a circle then it wouldn't have a beginning or end so if you travel really far in one direction you'd end up at the same spot again. But a circle does have an edge so wouldn't there be something beyond the edge?

I'm not necessarily looking for answers to these specific questions, but something a little kid who thinks about these kinds of things would enjoy. Even fictional stories would be good. Is there sci fi for little kids that's real science fiction and not just an adventure story that happens to take place in space or with an alien? Or theoretical math or physics books that's just big picture concepts with diagrams? 

I don't really know what I'm looking for.

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